Playlist Types

Curated Soundtrack

A curated soundtrack is a collection of music that the characters in the book might actually listen to in their daily life. Some of the curated soundtracks come directly from the pages of the book. Others, I create by using “clues” the author leaves (aka country music for a western romance). Within the curated soundtracks on this site are a sub-genre of playlists: historically-accurate soundtracks. Historically-accurate soundtracks have been created after doing research on the time period of the book and what would have been listened to during the various parties, soirees and activities of the characters. The fun thing about the historically-accurate playlists is that I get to put my B.A. in Music to use (finally) ;)

Character Study

These playlists are a collection of songs that remind me of the characters in the book. Usually the lyrics or the general theme of the song goes along with the plot or the HEA. I also try to match the style of music to the character’s location, personality or daily activities. These playlists are not a collection of song that the characters would listen to if they were to jump off the pages but songs that make me think of the book.

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  1. This is a super interesting idea and I appreciate the distinction between the two different kinds! Which is your favorite? Do you still do these? #getsocial17
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