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Vipers Creed MC Exclusive Scene by Ryan Michele

Release: March 21, 2016
Type: Contemporary Romance, Motorcycle Club
Series: Vipers Creed MC #1

Wes ‘Stiff’ Collins lived life on the wild side. He worked from the moment he knew what the word meant, always making the best of every situation. There was nothing about his past he would change.

Without a real family except his brother Xander, Stiff joined the Vipers Creed Motorcycle Club, and they taught him what it was to have people he could depend on. When his past crashed into his present, he vowed to protect the club that had always been his steady, even if it meant turning his back on the woman who had given him life.

Chelsea Miller’s life was simple: work, take care of her family, and save for the future. Everything was about having a goal and a plan. However, when her sister ended up battered and bruised on a diner floor, everything she thought was in her past suddenly threatened her future. In a moment, she had a new goal, everything else be damned. She would protect her family … at all costs.

Stiff and Chelsea’s worlds collide in an explosion of determination, strength, and lust. Will they give in to temptation, or will conquering each other be too steep a price? Two people not afraid to put in the work will either overcome everything in their paths or finally crumble under life’s troubles they can’t escape, all in the name of family.

Release: June 28, 2016
Type: Contemporary Romance, Motorcycle Club
Series: Vipers Creed MC #2

Without a real family except his brother Xander, Stiff joined the Vipers Creed Motorcycle Club, and they taught him what it was to have people he could depend on. When his past crashed into his present, he vowed to protect the club that had always been his steady, even if it meant turning his back on the woman who had given him life.

Chelsea Miller’s life was simple: work, take care of her family, and save for the future. Everything was about having a goal and a plan. However, when her sister ended up battered and bruised on a diner floor, everything she thought was in her past suddenly threatened her future. In a moment, she had a new goal, everything else be damned. She would protect her family … at all costs.

Stiff and Chelsea’s worlds collide in an explosion of determination, strength, and lust. Will they give in to temptation, or will conquering each other be too steep a price? Two people not afraid to put in the work will either overcome everything in their paths or finally crumble under life’s troubles they can’t escape, all in the name of family.

Prequel to Challenged and Conquering

Time seemed to stand still at this time of night, the time just before closing but not quite midnight. The time when your feet ached so badly they screamed at you to sit down, yet you knew, if you did, you wouldn’t get back up to finish out the night.

Huffing out a breath, I watched the clock. Tick, tock. Each second passed as I wished and hoped for customers to come in to keep me busy before I closed out the night. Only an hour to go before I had to clean up and go to bed alone.

As if fate heard my wish for once in my life, the bell above the door chimed, and the air in Charlie’s Diner suddenly thickened with their presence, compressing, making the space feel smaller. It happened every damn time they came.

I thought at one time it was just the age of this place, the low ceilings or something, that made it small. Nope. It was them: the five grown, hulking, badass men who each stood tall, proud, and screamed trouble. The Viper’s Creed Motorcycle Club, namely Spook, Boner, Stiff, and Dawg.

Each man was over six-feet tall, and each exuded a commanding presence.

Small town chatter was always buzzing with different stories of the men, Charlie included. It seemed people were divided over the club. Some spoke their praises of helping little old lady Pearson with her groceries in the car, while others swore they were criminals.

Me, well, I was nothing more than a waitress at a diner, trying to keep my head above water. I didn’t really care what the men did or didn’t do. When they came in, which I had to admit was pretty regularly, they were always excellent tippers. At the end of the day, that was all I was concerned with.

Rolling my shoulders back and stiffening my spine, I found the confidence I needed to handle the sheer amount of testosterone in the air from the men because they were all sexy. Each and every one of them: Spook with his beard and jet black hair; Boner with his tousled, sexy hair that looked like he had just rolled out of bed; Stiff with his bald head, tall bulked frame, and sexy as hell demeanor, making my girlie parts tingle; and Dawg who was sexy with his long dark brown hair that curled around his ears.

“Hey, guys, have a seat anywhere you like. I’m on my own tonight, so anywhere you go, you’re stuck with me,” I greeted them as I made my way to the end of the counter and rounded it.

“You say alone?” Dawg asked.

I raised an eyebrow at him, wondering why he had used such a sharp tone. I left it alone, though, sighing as I kept my pace while they settled into their chairs.

Stiff caught my eye as he flipped his chair around backward then promptly straddled it. He was always a toss up. One never knew what Stiff would do except flirt. He was notorious for it.

“Rickie was working the grill and had a family emergency about twenty minutes ago. Night shift,” I explained. “It’s usually me and the cook after ten-thirty on the weekdays when it ain’t busy.”

“Charlie know about this?” Boner asked.

“Nah, that’s between them when Charlie sees the time clock,” I said. The truth was that Charlie probably wouldn’t know, but I wasn’t a rat.

Pulling my scratch pad out of my apron, I clicked my pen, ready to take the guys’ orders. Stiff watched me carefully, a little too carefully. So much so that I felt a blush crawl up my neck and heat cover my face, no doubt reddening my pale skin.

“We’ll be here till you close up.” The deep baritone of his voice shot straight to my belly. “I’ll tail you home.”

“That’s not necessary. It’s happened before. I’m all right, Stiff.”

Boner looked at Stiff then me. Before he could speak, Stiff met my eyes.

“Not happenin’ again, Chelsea. You wind up alone, you call the clubhouse. No need for you to be here by yourself.”

The guys all looked at Stiff as if he had grown two heads.

He was a womanizer; I had heard all the stories. Why did he give a shit about me being alone? Then again, the guys, all of them, had always been friendly to me when they came in. This was no different, and it was sweet in a badass sort of way.

The door chimed, and in walked two college-age girls, giggling like they were at some pop star concert.

“Be right with y’all. Sit wherever,” I greeted then looked back at Viper’s Creed. “What’ll it be? Gotta get started.” I gave them a small smile while I quickly scribbled their orders as the girls approached. They were overly done up in enough makeup to make a drag queen jealous.

“Pick a seat,” I reminded them as if I hadn’t said it two seconds ago. “Let me drop the fries, and I’ll be back to take your orders.”

“We’re here for them.” The darker-haired girl pointed at Stiff and Boner, biting her lip. I was sure it was meant to be sexy, but it failed.

I didn’t have time for this.

“Then I’ll get to work on gettin’ ’em fed while y’all get to work on gettin’ their dicks wet.” I rolled my eyes.

“Spunk, Chelsea. You got spunk.” Dawg laughed.

I didn’t look back. Instead, I headed behind the wall to the kitchen area where I mocked the girls continually in my mind while I dropped fries in the hot oil.

When the fryer quieted, I had to stifle my gasp as I overheard the brazen women.

“Like, what made y’all wanna be part of a club?” one of them asked in that valley-girl- wanting-to- be-seductive- and-failing tone.

The men laughed loudly, and then Dawg was the first to answer.

“We ain’t a club. We’re fuckin’ family.”

“You kn-know, TV makes it so h-hot,” the other girl began. “Wh-what’s the appeal?”

There was the sound of someone smacking the table hard, and I jolted.

“Pussy. All the pussy we can handle,” Stiff taunted, and I couldn’t help the way my heart thudded in my chest painfully. “Thing is, bitches like you come in here, thinking you can be a part of something like this. You don’t know shit, and you ain’t shit. Your only place is sucking my cock when I feel like having it sucked. Got plenty of mouses for that, so move the fuck along. We got dinner to eat.”

I couldn’t see the table from where I was flipping burgers for their patty melts, but I heard Spook after I made out the squeal of one of the ladies.

“Don’t ever fucking touch my leather. I’m Vipers’. I’m not yours, and you’re not mine. Like my brother said, move the fuck along.”

Spook could be intimidating on a regular day, but the ice in his voice now had me on edge to even take him his plate. Those two dimwits didn’t seem to get it, though.

“We could be your dessert,” one of the women said.

If I didn’t have a spatula in my hand with hot grease on it, I would have smacked my head.

The sound of a chair scraping back against the floor assaulted my ears before Boner said, “We’re not interested. Even on your knees, on my cock, or licking the motherfuckin’ floor, the two of you don’t make the cut. Move on.”

Hell, I fully expected them to at least take the girls out to the parking lot and fuck them. At least, that would be par for the course according to the talk of the town.

On a humph, I heard the girls exit.

I shook off the words and worked on my task of plating the men’s food.

Dawg laughed. “Can you believe that shit?”

“We live by a code and die by a code. Bitches don’t know shit unless we tell them. Pussy doesn’t get you by,” Boner stated as I dumped the last of the fries onto their plates.

“If we wanna see pussy, I’m sure we can head over to Sirens. Heard it’s got a new woman in charge.” The tone in Stiff’s voice made me wonder if they really did frequent the strip

club in town. “Order up!” I yelled out of habit before I took the plates burning into my skin out to the sexy patrons.

I really had to get my head out of my ass where Stiff and all of Vipers Creed was concerned. It wasn’t my business and never would be.

About Ryan Michele

Ryan Michele found her passion in making fictional characters come to life. She loves being in an imaginative world where anything is possible and has a knack for special twists readers don’t see coming.

She writes MC, Contemporary, Erotic, Paranormal, New Adult, Inspirational, and many more romances. And whether it’s bikers, wolf shifters, mafia, or beyond, Ryan spends her time making sure her heroes are strong and her heroines match them at every turn.

When she isn’t writing, Ryan is a mom and wife living in rural Illinois and reading by her pond in the warm sun!

Cover Reveal: New Wave Newsroom Series by Jenny Holiday

The Fixer
Release: September 13, 2016
Type: New Adult
Series: New Wave Newsroom #1

Jenny Fields is a crusader. The editor of her college newspaper, she never met a cause she couldn’t get behind. So when the administration announces it’s tearing down the historic art building, she’s on the case All she needs to do is get Matthew Townsend, the art department’s boy wonder, on board. They say he his talent is unbounded. It turns out so is his ego.

Matthew Townsend cares about art. And that’s pretty much it. If he has a reputation for being moody and aloof, that suits him just fine. He doesn’t have a family worth speaking of, and as a scholarship student, he can’t afford to goof off like the preppy rich kids at his school. He certainly doesn’t care about the art building. Or about the relentlessly perky Jenny, who looks like she was barfed up by Rainbow Brite. What will it take to the preternaturally cheerful girl with the massive savior complex to leave him alone?

Amazon / iBooks / Barnes & Noble / Kobo

The Gossip
Release: October 4, 2016
Type: New Adult
Series: New Wave Newsroom #2

Dawn Hathaway is a realist. She’s not the smartest girl at Allenhurst College. She’s not the prettiest, either. So if she wants to be popular, she’ll need something else: power. What better way to get it than to start a gossip column in the campus newspaper? If she has to commit a few minor crimes in pursuit of the latest scoop, what’s the harm?

Arturo Perez loves being a campus cop. He knows Allenhurst’s nooks and crannies—and lately he’s been finding the campus gossip snooping into every one of them. He can’t deny that he enjoys bantering with the sassy schemer. But he also can’t shake the sense that there’s more going on with Dawn than meets the eye.

When tragedy strikes and Dawn needs help, how far will Art go to protect her?

Amazon / iBooks / Barnes & Noble / Kobo

The Pacifist
Release: October 4, 2016
Type: New Adult
Series: New Wave Newsroom #3

Laraline Reynolds has spent her entire life as a certified Good Girl. The perpetual peacemaker in her volatile, conservative family, Laraline promises herself that she’ll spend her last year of grad school getting in touch with her inner rebel before she settles down and marries her family-approved long-distance boyfriend. But Laraline’s Year of Fun quickly turns into something more complicated, and she finds herself at the forefront of a movement to change her college’s sexual assault policy.

It’s the Year of No Fun for Tony Bianchi. A fifth-year senior, he needs to graduate, so he’s put a moratorium on his two favorite distractions: girls and photography. But when Laraline comes calling, needing some photos for her cause—and for her campaign for a seat on the college board of governors—Tony’s resistance comes crashing down.

They both fall hard. But while Tony is ready to give it everything he’s got, Laraline is afraid. She wasn’t prepared for her one-year rebellion to lead her to the life she truly wants. In order to break free from her family, she’ll need to do the scariest thing of all—follow her heart.

About Jenny Holiday

Jenny Holiday started writing at age nine when her awesome fourth grade teacher gave her a notebook and told her to start writing some stories. That first batch featured mass murderers on the loose, alien invasions, and hauntings. (Looking back, she’s amazed no one sent her to a kid-shrink.) She’s been writing ever since. After a brief detour to get a PhD in geography, she worked as a professional writer, producing everything from speeches to magazine articles. More recently, her tastes having evolved from alien invasions to happily-ever-afters, she tried her hand at romance. A lifelong city-lover, she lives in Toronto, Canada, with her family. She is represented by Courtney Miller-Callihan of Greenburger Associates.

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The Bears of Grizzly Ridge by Elena Aitken

Entire Series Character Study
So earlier this month I picked up wonderful (and free) ebook boxed set called Oh Canada. I've just started scratching the surface of this HUGE work by a variety of Canadia authors. First up in the set was His to Protect by Elena Aitken. Man oh man am I glad I found this book. I quickly (like really quickly) finished His to Protect and then moved onto books 2 and 3 of this paranormal series. I read all three books over the course of a long weekend! The Bears of Grizzly Ridge series is amazingly cute, quirky and satisfying. It never ceases to amaze me that I find just the right book at the right time! These paranormal gems found me right when I needed a bit of laughter in my life. I needed to believe in true love too, and these books just hit all the right marks.

In honor of the three books I've put together a character study playlist that has one song for each of our three heroines and one song for each of our three heroes. I can't recommend these books enough for paranormal fans who like books a bit on the lighter side. I just can't do gloom and doom all the time and although these books have great conflict, they are primarily super fun reads.

His to Protect (The Bears of Grizzly Ridge #1) by Elena Aitken

Release: January 26th, 2016
Romance Subgenre: Paranormal

Every shifter has a mate...she's his. Now all he has to do is convince her that what they have between them is more than lust. Much more.

When Harper Bentley’s life begins a death spiral, she does what any self respecting woman would do—she heads for the mountains. More specifically, Grizzly Ridge. A brand new—and very remote—lodge in the wilds of Montana. The last thing she expects to find there is deliciously sexy Axel Jackson, who is more than a little wild himself and reigniting feelings she’d long since buried.

From the moment he lays eyes on her, Axel knows Harper is more than just a guest at his lodge. Much more. Every bear shifter has a mate. She’s his. And whether his brothers believe in fated mates or not, nothing will keep Axel from what is his. But first he’ll need to convince Harper that what she’s feeling is more than lust. It’s fate.

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“Love The Lonely Out of You” by Brothers Osborn

Take everything that makes you sad
Let it out and leave it in the past
You don't need that for what I've got in mind

“Can't Get Enough” by BRKLYN

Let go, dive in
Feel things that I, I never did
Falling into you, into you
I never believed in love like this

His to Seduce (The Bears of Grizzly Ridge #2) by Elena Aitken

Release: March 26th, 2016
Romance Subgenre: Paranormal

She's spent her whole life running. This time...he might just be the reason she stays.

Chloe Karrington has spent her life running from the idea of needing a man, let alone a mate. After all, she’s an independent career woman, a man would only get in the way. Besides, she’s never met anyone who was worth the time.

That is until her work as an environmental researcher takes her to Grizzly Ridge and directly into the path of the way too sexy, way too intense, Luke Jackson. If her instincts have anything to say about it, he is most definitely worth something.

Chloe’s determined to get him out of her system, something that turns out to be a whole lot easier said than actually done. But when she makes a discovery on the Ridge that changes everything and could ruin the Jackson brothers and the Ridge, not only is her professionalism put to the test—so is her heart.

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“I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz

So I won't hesitate
No more, no more.
It cannot wait, I'm sure.
There's no need to complicate.
Our time is short.
This is our fate,
I'm yours.

“One Great Mystery” by Lady Antebellum

There is only one great mystery
I keep searching for the answer desperately
Tell me, tell me baby, tell me please
What did I ever do to make you fall for me?

His to Claim (The Bears of Grizzly Ridge #3) by Elena Aitken

Release: May 3rd, 2016
Romance Subgenre: Paranormal

Has Kade Jackson finally met his match?

Gabriella Santos wants to start over someplace where no one knows her. Some place safe. A lodge in the middle of the remote Montana mountains seems perfect—despite the cold. Running from her life in South America, she expects ice and snow, but what she doesn’t expect is her immediate and intense attraction to Kade Jackson who is as sexy as he is ornery.

The last thing Kade wants in his life is a woman. Particularly one who clouds his instincts and challenges everything he’s come to believe about love and mates. But Ella is no ordinary woman, and she just might be worth opening up to. But before he can let himself commit, Kade must come to terms with his past, and the secrets that altered everyone’s lives forever.

Gabriella has secrets of her own and when they catch up with her, Kade must make a decision: Stay rooted in the past and lose her forever or finally allow himself to trust his instincts to save the woman he loves. If it’s not too late.

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“Rescue” by Rayvon Owen

I was broken down when you found me
Just a heart bled dry in your hand
There was no way out, I was drowning
I had one last breath when you came
In all of the madness you're not afraid
Out of the darkness you find a way
When nothing can set me free
Baby, you rescue me

“Air I Breathe” by Mat Kearney

I surrender that I need you now and you've loved me more
It's like an ocean over my head and I'm under the light
In slow motion tonight

About Elena Aitken

I’ve been writing in one form or another since elementary school but although I always knew I wanted to be a writer when I grew up, instead I earned university degrees in Marketing and Psychology and writing got put on the back burner. After my twins were born I was buried in diaper changes, middle of the night feedings and mountains of laundry—obviously it was the logical time to start writing again. I guess it took me while to grow up.

I turned to non-fiction and became a regular contributor to local parenting magazines, published in four Chicken Soup for the Soul anthologies, and a compilation by Seal Press. It wasn’t until 2005 that I tried my hand at writing fiction and wrote my first novel. It’s buried on my hard drive where it should be, and ever since I just keep writing more.

Like a lot of my readers, I’m a busy mom. It often feels like life is pulling us in a million different directions, which is why I love to write romance!

There’s nothing better than knowing you have an escape waiting for you at the end of a long day in the form of a good book. I’m lucky enough to live in the shadow of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in the foothills of Alberta, where I can write the stories I love. Whenever I get the chance, I escape into those amazing mountains and I can usually be found sitting with my feet in the lake, working on my next book.

As well as contemporary romance novels, I also like to write women’s fiction and my collection of stand alone novels are all part of the Escape Collection. I’m always trying something new, so stay tuned to see what’s next!

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Cover Reveal: Wolf Betrayed (Talon Pack #4) by Carrie Ann Ryan

Release: October 11th, 2016
Type: Paranormal Romance
Series: Talon Pack #4

The Talon Pack continues with the daughter of a traitor, the man who can never be her lover, and another man she should never want…her enemy.

Charlotte Jamenson was born to the Pack that threatened the world, but grew up in the one that saved it. She’s spent her entire life repenting for lies and faults that were never hers to bear. When she falls for her best friend, Bram Devlin, she thinks she’s finally found forgiveness for the blood in her veins; only a mating bond never came.

Bram knows there’s something missing within his mating with Charlotte, but there’s nothing he can do about it. Their Pack is in danger, and it’s his duty to protect their Alpha—even if it means sacrificing his life. When he’s put in charge of protecting a new member of the Talon Pack, he realizes he and Charlotte may just have a chance at something more than heartache.

Shane Bruins sacrificed his life and his future to protect the Packs from the men he worked for. Now, thanks to circumstances beyond his control, he’s not quite who he was before, and his life is on the line yet again. Only this time, he isn’t alone, and the two wolves in his path might be the only things that can calm the beast inside.

The war isn’t coming, it’s here, and the Talon Pack will have to rely on three souls who know they aren’t what each other wants—but exactly what they need—to win.

Cover Reveal

About Carrie Ann Ryan

Carrie Ann Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romance. Her works include the Montgomery Ink, Redwood Pack, Talon Pack, and Gallagher Brothers series, which have sold over 2.0 million books worldwide. She started writing while in graduate school for her advanced degree in chemistry and hasn’t stopped since. Carrie Ann has written over fifty novels and novellas with more in the works. When she’s not writing about bearded tattooed men or alpha wolves that need to find their mates, she’s reading as much as she can and exploring the world of baking and gourmet cooking.

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To Have and to Hold (Wedding Belles #1) by Lauren Layne

To Have and to Hold by Lauren Layne

Release: July 26th, 2016
Romance Subgenre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Wedding Belles #1

USA TODAY bestselling author Lauren Layne is the “queen of witty dialogue and sexy scenes” (Rachel Van Dyken)! Now, Sex and the City meets The Wedding Planner in The Wedding Belles, her sizzling brand new contemporary romance series about three ambitious wedding planners who can make any bride’s dream come true…but their own.

Discovering her fiancé is an international con man just moments before they exchange vows devastates celebrity wedding planner Brooke Baldwin’s business—and breaks her heart. Now a pariah in Los Angeles, she seeks a fresh start in New York City and thinks she’s found it with her first bridal client, a sweet—if slightly spoiled—hotel heiress. Then she meets the uptight businessman who’s holding the purse strings.

Seth Tyler wishes he could write a blank check and be done with his sister Maya's fancy-pants wedding. Unfortunately, micromanaging the event is his only chance at proving Maya’s fiancé is a liar. Standing directly in his way is the stunning blonde wedding planner whose practiced smiles and sassy comebacks both irritate and arouse him. He needs Brooke’s help. But can he persuade a wedding planner on a comeback mission to unplan a wedding? And more importantly, how will he convince her that the wedding she should be planning…is theirs?

Character Study
The synopsis for this book mentions Sex and the City and The Wedding Planner, but I have to admit, my mind immediately jumps to Nora Roberts' Bride Quartet when I think of wedding planners and romance. It's HARD for me to think about any other wedding planner series because, let's face it, the Bride Quartet is some sort of crazy amazing magic packaged in four paperbacks. Good thing the Wedding Belles series is almost completely different from the Quartet except in the profession of our ladies (and even that's different since the Belles are all wedding planners).

When I picked up To Have and to Hold I wasn't sure what to expect. I even put off reading the book because I imagined this book being pretty lackluster...the joke was so on me. This books is CRAZY good. It's funny, and emotional, and just generally delightful. Best of all, Brooke and Seth are endearing to no end. Seth, in particular, wormed his way into my heart and burrowed deep inside. I bet we all know a Seth: the big brother type who holds a bit too tight and is a control freak as a know him, right?

When I set out to make a playlist for To Have and to Hold the first song that jumped out at my is one that I've been saving for quite some time. I knew I'd eventually find a playlist home for "Gravity" and I'm happy it's perfect for such an amazing story. The rest of the playlist is sort of a mix of things. I could have easily created a curated soundtrack of wedding favorites or even a character study playlist of crooner classics for these two since their story is total old-school glam, but instead I decided to put together a mix of things. Just like Seth and Brooke come from different parts of the company and different walks of life, I decided to unite their personal journeys and feelings in one little playlist. Enjoy!

“Gravity” by Javier Colon

Baby I'm down on my knees
Hating every breath I breathe
I'd knew I'd let you down eventually
It's gravity, gravity

“City Shoes” by Victoria Canal
These city shoes
Make me remember all the things we've been through
And I wrote a song
But how can I sing it now that you're gone

I tried so hard to rescue you
No one noticed I need rescuing too

“You and I” by Michael Bublé
In my mind
We can conquer the world
In love you and I
You and I, you and I
You and I...

“Oasis” by A Great Big World
As I roam through the wasteland
You're the one thing I need
I see you off in the distance
You're my oasis

“It Had To Be You” by Ray Charles
For nobody else gave me a thrill
With all your faults
I love you still
It had to be you
marvellous you
It had to be you

What did you think of To Have and to Hold?
Are there any songs that remind you of Brooke, Seth and their HEA?

About Lauren Layne

Lauren lives in New York City with her husband (who was her high school sweetheart--cute, right?!) and plus-sized Pomeranian.

Five years ago, she ditched her corporate career in Seattle to pursue a full-time writing career in Manhattan.

She writes smart romantic comedies with just enough sexy-times to make your mother blush, and in her ideal world, every stiletto-wearing, Kate Spade wielding woman would carry a Kindle stocked with Lauren Layne books.

When not bringing The Sexy, she likes to blog about her Instagram addiction, and why mean girls are the worst.

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When a Lioness Snarls (A Lion's Pride Series #5) by Eve Langlais

When a Lioness Snarls by Eve Langlais

Release: July 21st, 2016
Type: Paranormal Romance
Series: A Lion's Pride Series #5

Stalking is only a crime among humans. In a lioness’s world, it’s called dating.

Jeoff, is a bit of a killjoy, a super cute one who gets furry on full moons.

But so does she.

Luna is everything Jeoff is not. Outrageous, outgoing, and violent. Very violent, and unafraid to go after what she wants—and she wants Jeoff.

Silly man, he thinks he can resist, but once a lioness sets her sights on a man, paws off! And if anyone thinks to try and take him… There’s a reason why the ladies of the pride win the yearly award for Baddest Biatches.


“Would there be any point in asking why exactly we’re both going to be naked in the woods?”

“Because we’re going to check the tigers’ place out in suburbia.”

“I thought you said it was empty.”

“It is, but given the scene is still rather fresh, I want you to check it out, you know, put that nose of yours to use.”

“I don’t have to be naked for that.”

“Well then, your wolf is going to look mighty funny when you’re running through the woods in your tightie-whities.”

He finished slapping his sandwich together. “You know, it’s times like these that I remember why I hate dealing with lions.”

“And yet you stay inside the city and continue working for us.”

“Apparently, I’m a masochist.” He took a bite of his sandwich and groaned.

Hell, she wanted to groan too. The thing was a work of art. A towering beauty set on a crusty Panini bun. She’d watch him build it as they talked, making it look so easy—and delicious. Slathered with butter then lightly toasted on a hot press, the bread crisping as he sliced thin pieces of roast beef, which he then layered on the sandwich with cold bacon slices and dribbles of beef drippings. He also added some cheese on top before placing it back in the hot press. When the cheese bubbled, he slapped it onto a plate, dabbed some fragrant basil mayonnaise on top of the stack, two slices of tomato, some lettuce, and, voilà, a sandwich fit to steal.

Which she did, and immediately took a bite. “Mmm. That is damned good.”

She’d lost count of how many sighs he’d uttered, but he upped the count considerably as he slapped together, in between hot glares, a second sandwich.

When it was finished, he stayed well out of reach. He was safe. The one she’d stolen had hit the spot.

She hopped onto the counter, almost wincing as her bare ass hit the cold granite. “Now that our bellies are full, ready to go on an adventure?”

“I don’t suppose there’s a second option?”

“Don’t be a princess. This will be fun. Unless you really are teeny-weeny, then it might be a little embarrassing for both of us.”

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~ New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Fool for You (Crush on You #1) by Rina Gray

Fool for You by Rina Gray

Release: July 18, 2016
Romance Subgenre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Crush on You #1

Sports journalist Melanie Foster has achieved most of her goals: job—check. Tomboy-to- smoking-hottie makeover—check. Convince her best friend, Damien Richards, to slide a ring on her finger and father her two-point- five kids—not so much. When she activates Operation: I’m Gonna Make You Love Me, she never imagines her BFF already has plans to stroll down the wedding aisle with another woman.

Damien is in the middle of crisis mode. The non-profit for young athletes at which he volunteers is in financial trouble. He’ll pull out all the stops to rescue the organization that saved his life after his career-ending injury—even if it means sacrificing his personal happiness.

But when he finally wakes up to love and the very non-friendly feelings he’s long held for Mel, it might just be too late. Damien must convince her that he’s worth the risk and turn the tables to show her he’s the one ready to be a fool for love.

Author Guest Post and Playlist
I'm excited to have author Rina Gray on the blog today to discuss her debut novel, Fool for You. Thanks for sharing, Rina!

Music is a huge part of my inspiration and writing process. The only time I don’t listen to music is when I’m in the last stages of edits. Each book in the Crush on You series has a soundtrack. I created the soundtrack prior to drafting the book, but of course, as time goes by, I will find a few songs that are perfect for a character or scene I have rolling around in my head. For those moments, I use my Shazam app to make sure I make note of the song, and then add it to the Spotify playlist.

For my debut novel, Fool for You, I wanted to create a vibe of childhood crush, friends-to-lovers, the 90s and an unrequited love that spanned over a decade. The soundtrack has over 150 songs so I can’t list them all, but here are my top 5 songs.

1. Rush, Rush” Paul Abdul – This song is so perfectly 90’s and it’s just a big ole ball of visceral responses for someone you are falling for.

2. Linger” Cranberries - I love the emotional angst of this song. She feels like a fool for the person she loves, but she’s in too deep to stop herself.

3. Damn Good Friends” Elle Varner – This song is the true theme of the story. The heroine knows they could be great together, but the hero is hesitant because they are such good friends.

4. Boys & Girls” Alabama Shakes – I think this song is perfect for the hero Damien who struggled with his feelings and maintaining friendship with the heroine.

5. I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” Diana Ross & The Supremes & The Temptations – In the story, the heroine activates “Operation: I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” to convince her best friend that she is the woman for him.

About Rina Gray

Rina Gray is one of the newest African American romance writers on the rise. She is also a digital marketing professional who discovered her love of writing in 2012. Writing has always been Rina’s passion, though initially, she tried to deny it. In college she served as the copy editor for the entertainment magazine and newspaper. During her tenure, she had the opportunity to interview various talented entertainers including Chris Rock and the cast from Reno-911.

Rina has always been an avid reader, sneaking to read her mother’s books she had no business reading i.e. Stephen King’s The Stand, It, and Anne Rice’s various vampire series. As a pre-teen, she received a load of romance novels from a family friend and from that point on, she devoured any book related to romance or horror. When she’s not writing, she can be found with her head stuck in a book, kickboxing, or dominating game night with friends and family. Rina resides in Atlanta with her husband.