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The Bears of Grizzly Ridge by Elena Aitken

Entire Series Character Study
So earlier this month I picked up wonderful (and free) ebook boxed set called Oh Canada. I've just started scratching the surface of this HUGE work by a variety of Canadia authors. First up in the set was His to Protect by Elena Aitken. Man oh man am I glad I found this book. I quickly (like really quickly) finished His to Protect and then moved onto books 2 and 3 of this paranormal series. I read all three books over the course of a long weekend! The Bears of Grizzly Ridge series is amazingly cute, quirky and satisfying. It never ceases to amaze me that I find just the right book at the right time! These paranormal gems found me right when I needed a bit of laughter in my life. I needed to believe in true love too, and these books just hit all the right marks.

In honor of the three books I've put together a character study playlist that has one song for each of our three heroines and one song for each of our three heroes. I can't recommend these books enough for paranormal fans who like books a bit on the lighter side. I just can't do gloom and doom all the time and although these books have great conflict, they are primarily super fun reads.

His to Protect (The Bears of Grizzly Ridge #1) by Elena Aitken

Release: January 26th, 2016
Romance Subgenre: Paranormal

Every shifter has a mate...she's his. Now all he has to do is convince her that what they have between them is more than lust. Much more.

When Harper Bentley’s life begins a death spiral, she does what any self respecting woman would do—she heads for the mountains. More specifically, Grizzly Ridge. A brand new—and very remote—lodge in the wilds of Montana. The last thing she expects to find there is deliciously sexy Axel Jackson, who is more than a little wild himself and reigniting feelings she’d long since buried.

From the moment he lays eyes on her, Axel knows Harper is more than just a guest at his lodge. Much more. Every bear shifter has a mate. She’s his. And whether his brothers believe in fated mates or not, nothing will keep Axel from what is his. But first he’ll need to convince Harper that what she’s feeling is more than lust. It’s fate.

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“Love The Lonely Out of You” by Brothers Osborn

Take everything that makes you sad
Let it out and leave it in the past
You don't need that for what I've got in mind

“Can't Get Enough” by BRKLYN

Let go, dive in
Feel things that I, I never did
Falling into you, into you
I never believed in love like this

His to Seduce (The Bears of Grizzly Ridge #2) by Elena Aitken

Release: March 26th, 2016
Romance Subgenre: Paranormal

She's spent her whole life running. This time...he might just be the reason she stays.

Chloe Karrington has spent her life running from the idea of needing a man, let alone a mate. After all, she’s an independent career woman, a man would only get in the way. Besides, she’s never met anyone who was worth the time.

That is until her work as an environmental researcher takes her to Grizzly Ridge and directly into the path of the way too sexy, way too intense, Luke Jackson. If her instincts have anything to say about it, he is most definitely worth something.

Chloe’s determined to get him out of her system, something that turns out to be a whole lot easier said than actually done. But when she makes a discovery on the Ridge that changes everything and could ruin the Jackson brothers and the Ridge, not only is her professionalism put to the test—so is her heart.

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“I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz

So I won't hesitate
No more, no more.
It cannot wait, I'm sure.
There's no need to complicate.
Our time is short.
This is our fate,
I'm yours.

“One Great Mystery” by Lady Antebellum

There is only one great mystery
I keep searching for the answer desperately
Tell me, tell me baby, tell me please
What did I ever do to make you fall for me?

His to Claim (The Bears of Grizzly Ridge #3) by Elena Aitken

Release: May 3rd, 2016
Romance Subgenre: Paranormal

Has Kade Jackson finally met his match?

Gabriella Santos wants to start over someplace where no one knows her. Some place safe. A lodge in the middle of the remote Montana mountains seems perfect—despite the cold. Running from her life in South America, she expects ice and snow, but what she doesn’t expect is her immediate and intense attraction to Kade Jackson who is as sexy as he is ornery.

The last thing Kade wants in his life is a woman. Particularly one who clouds his instincts and challenges everything he’s come to believe about love and mates. But Ella is no ordinary woman, and she just might be worth opening up to. But before he can let himself commit, Kade must come to terms with his past, and the secrets that altered everyone’s lives forever.

Gabriella has secrets of her own and when they catch up with her, Kade must make a decision: Stay rooted in the past and lose her forever or finally allow himself to trust his instincts to save the woman he loves. If it’s not too late.

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“Rescue” by Rayvon Owen

I was broken down when you found me
Just a heart bled dry in your hand
There was no way out, I was drowning
I had one last breath when you came
In all of the madness you're not afraid
Out of the darkness you find a way
When nothing can set me free
Baby, you rescue me

“Air I Breathe” by Mat Kearney

I surrender that I need you now and you've loved me more
It's like an ocean over my head and I'm under the light
In slow motion tonight

About Elena Aitken

I’ve been writing in one form or another since elementary school but although I always knew I wanted to be a writer when I grew up, instead I earned university degrees in Marketing and Psychology and writing got put on the back burner. After my twins were born I was buried in diaper changes, middle of the night feedings and mountains of laundry—obviously it was the logical time to start writing again. I guess it took me while to grow up.

I turned to non-fiction and became a regular contributor to local parenting magazines, published in four Chicken Soup for the Soul anthologies, and a compilation by Seal Press. It wasn’t until 2005 that I tried my hand at writing fiction and wrote my first novel. It’s buried on my hard drive where it should be, and ever since I just keep writing more.

Like a lot of my readers, I’m a busy mom. It often feels like life is pulling us in a million different directions, which is why I love to write romance!

There’s nothing better than knowing you have an escape waiting for you at the end of a long day in the form of a good book. I’m lucky enough to live in the shadow of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in the foothills of Alberta, where I can write the stories I love. Whenever I get the chance, I escape into those amazing mountains and I can usually be found sitting with my feet in the lake, working on my next book.

As well as contemporary romance novels, I also like to write women’s fiction and my collection of stand alone novels are all part of the Escape Collection. I’m always trying something new, so stay tuned to see what’s next!

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