Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Magnate (The Knickerbocker Club #1) by Joanna Schupe

Magnate by Joanna Shupe

Release: April 26, 2016
Romance Subgenre: Historical Romance
Series: The Knickerbocker Club #1

I rate this book:

New York City's Gilded Age shimmers with unimaginable wealth and glittering power. The men of the Knickerbocker Club know this more than anyone else. But for one millionaire, the business of love is not what he expected...

Born in the slums of Five Points, Emmett Cavanaugh climbed his way to the top of a booming steel empire and now holds court in an opulent Fifth Avenue mansion. His rise in stations, however, has done little to elevate his taste in women. He loathes the city's "high society" types, but a rebellious and beautiful blue-blood just might change all that.

Elizabeth Sloane's mind is filled with more than the latest parlor room gossip. Lizzie can play the Stock Exchange as deftly as New York's most accomplished brokers--but she needs a man to put her skills to use. Emmett reluctantly agrees when the stunning socialite asks him to back her trades and split the profits. But love and business make strange bedfellows, and as their fragile partnership begins to crack, they'll discover a passion more frenzied than the trading room floor...

Theme Song

After I reviewed Tycoon by Joanna Shupe earlier this Spring I immediately added the next installment of the Knickerbocker Club to my TBR pile. Seriously, buy this book right now. 1-click the heck out of it and read it ASAP.

The absolute best thing about this book is Shupe’s stunning writing. Every word in Magnate seems carefully chosen. The writing is so intense, so rich and it’s hard to not slow down and enjoy the journey. Also, if you read my review of Tycoon you know that I love the Gilded Age setting of these books. Reading historicals not set in Regency England (or even in Victorian and Georgian England) always feels like such a treat since that’s primarily what’s available in the marketplace. Just like Tycoon, Schupe’s descriptions of Gilded Age fashion, buildings and decor are simply breathtaking. Sign me up for more romances in diverse time-periods any day!

When I finished Magnate I knew the perfect song to represent Emmett and Elizabeth. I had just heard “Safe Place to Land” earlier in the week due to my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. If you read through the lyrics of the song I hope you agree that they are perfect for our hero and heroine.

“Safe Place to Land” by Christian Burghardt
Unsure if I’ll disappear
I’m not going nowhere
Open your eyes
I’m always
Gonna be
Your safe place to land

What did you think of Magnate?
Are there any songs that remind you of Emmett, Elizabeth and their HEA?

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