Monday, January 30, 2017

A Knight of Her Own (Rogues of Rouen #2) by Oberon Wonch

Release: January 23rd, 2017
Romance Subgenre: Historical Romancee
Series: Rogues of Rouen

Sir Drogo LaForce has spent a lifetime chasing the family honor and wealth denied him by his bastard birth. A clever scheme to uncloak a traitor against the Crown finally promises to win him everything he desires…Lady Isabel has been in hiding ever since an evil Norman lord killed her father and usurped her English lands. But her plot to avenge her father and free her people is threatened when a mysterious Norman knight abducts her with plans to use her for espionage.

Drogo’s fascinating captive is nothing like he anticipated. Outspoken but innocent, Isabel reluctantly submits to Drogo’s tutoring in the spymaster’s craft, as well as the art of making love. But their potent attraction nearly leads to disaster. In the end they must decide between their dueling appetites for riches and revenge…or love.

Curated Soundtrack

Music in the Middle Ages is still a mystery of sorts. Even though there are some written records of Medieval secular music, the notation was different than todays, the concept of harmony was different and even the instruments were different. So in choosing music for this historically-accurate playlist eveyrone needs to keep in mind that this music, probably isn't really historically accurate. However, it's just about as historically-accurate as you can get for this timeframe given our limited knowledge and understanding of the time.

I kinda love our modern interpretations of Middle Ages music. It's a bit purer and less "fluffy" than the Renaissance and Baroque eras that followed. The music takes me to the celebrations and dinner in castles and keeps all over Europe. I hope this playlist helps you get in the mood for A Knight of Her Own!


What did you think of A Knight of Her Own?
Are there any songs that remind you of Sir Drogo LaForce, Lady Isabel and their HEA?

About Oberon Wonch

Oberon Wonch has engaged in a love affair with books for as long as she can remember. Penning her own stories from an early age, she later earned a degree in World Literature while studying several languages—all in order to learn what makes a tale endure the ages, but really just to read more books. Her very favorite stories—both to read and write—are those that celebrate the happily-ever-after.

An avid gardener and armchair archaeologist, she grew up in northeast Ohio but now lives in Indiana with her college sweetheart husband and two very joyful little dogs.

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