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Author Guest Post: The Southern Gentleman by Sweden Reese

The Southern Gentleman by Sweden Reese
Release: September 13, 2016
Romance Subgenre: Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense
Book One: Protective Instinct
Book Two: True Consequences

Erotic romantic suspense series for mature audiences.

This is Book 2 in a steamy, suspenseful 2-book story. Book 1 ends in a scandalous cliffhanger, Book 2 delivers the HEA.


Sex. Politics. Scandal.

When a shadowy group intent on stealing the U.S. presidential election targets a leading candidate’s daughter, jaded professional fixer Nolan Jackson is hired to safely escort her across the country to a star-studded Election Eve event. There's only one problem: She’s ditched the campaign and disappeared… A southern gentleman who likes fast cars, deadly weapons and total control, Nolan is used to winning at all costs. Except in love. Yet, he’ll soon find himself irresistibly drawn to the candidate’s beautiful, na├»ve daughter.

Sheltered heiress Lola Randall has always played it safe. Now she’s gone rogue. After escaping the media spotlight and her overbearing parents, the last thing she needs in her life is an alpha male.But when Nolan shows her how good it can feel to relinquish control, she begins to secretly crave his domination. Now, she must choose between her independence and falling in love. Because Nolan is determined to win her heart and nail the bad guys before the opposition finds a way to steal the White House.
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Putting the “o” in politics.

Smooth-talking Washington insider Nolan Jackson is becoming consumed with possessing Lola Randall, America’s favorite political daughter. Escorting her across the United States gives Dominant Nolan the perfect opportunity to seduce the beautiful heiress into becoming his girlfriend…and his submissive.

Newly independent Lola doesn’t need an alpha male taking over her life. But she is secretly intrigued by Nolan’s domination. Now she must choose between the future she imagined for herself, and the one Nolan is offering. Except that time is running out…

With hired guns at their backs and a shadowy group of billionaires targeting Lola, even jaded Nolan never believed politics could get this dirty. He needs a plan to take down the bad guys and conquer Lola’s heart before criminals find a way to steal the White House. Good thing Nolan always has a plan…

Author Guest Post

I'm excited to have author Sweden Reese on the blog today to discuss her The Southern Gentlemen series. Thanks for sharing, Sweden!

Sexy American Road Trip Playlist
By Sweden Reese

There’s nothing more sensual than blasting tunes with the car windows down, wind in your hair, and a roaring engine between you and the open road…

Nolan Jackson would agree. He’s the smooth-talking charmer who holds the title role in my debut novels, The Southern Gentleman Books 1 & 2. Nolan is a dirty-talking Dominant who likes fast cars, deadly weapons and total control.

He had been a driving enthusiast since the age of fourteen, and lately had found any excuse to hit the open road…Driving was his zen time, his mindless time, when he could forget that this country—his country—had betrayed him, and instead appreciate its sheer, raw beauty…

Hail to the King, Avenged Sevenfold

Nolan is a jaded Washington fixer who gets hired to track down the daughter of a U.S. presidential candidate after she ditches the campaign and disappears. What begins as a routine job turns into the drive of Nolan’s life.

How You Like Me Now, The Heavy

He escorts Lola Randall, America’s favorite political daughter, across the U.S., dodging sleazy paparazzi and thugs hired by the opposing campaign, all while trying to resist his uncontrollable attraction to the off-limits heiress.

Butterfly, Crazy Town

Newly independent Lola needs nothing less than an alpha male trying to take over her life…but she finds herself intrigued and aroused by Nolan’s commanding ways.

“I want something from you, Lola Randall,” he said. “Total honesty. Can you give me that?”

It seemed like a big question, and she wasn’t prepared to answer in her semi-dazed state. “I can try,” she stammered, glancing over her shoulder and catching the predatory look in his eyes.

She counted ten heartbeats, waiting for him to speak.

His voice came low and hoarse. “What would it take to make you give up control?”

In Your Eyes, Kylie Minogue

He’s brilliant, bossy and likes to be in charge. She’s smart, headstrong and wants her independence. It’s only a matter of time before the chemistry between these two combusts. They’re drawn to each other, but can two opposites make a relationship work?

One Heart, Leftover Cuties

Nolan and Lola’s road trip across America takes them places neither of them ever imagined, from a hipster party in San Francisco to a swank Los Angeles art gallery, from a smoky pool hall in rural Mississippi to the stage at a celebrity studded benefit concert before 80,000 cheering fans. But most important is the inner journey, the things they learn about themselves as they fall irretrievably in love.

Fancy Things, The Weepies

We romance book addicts know the course of true love never runs smoothly. With hired guns at their backs and an Election Eve deadline looming, can Nolan keep Lola safe, conquer her heart and nail the bad guys before the opposition finds a way to steal the White House?

There were serious bad guys to catch, with enough money and power to do very bad things. Nolan would see them beg and plead for mercy before he was done with them. No one fucked with his girl and got away with it.

No Diggity, Blackstreet

FULL DISCLOSURE: My husband, the smooth-talking alpha charmer Mr. Reese, created this playlist. His taste is very eclectic…I hope you’ve enjoyed!

Are you fabulous? Come hang out with me at And if you like a dominant alpha male with loads of charm, twitchy palms, and a closet full of sex toys, go read The Southern Gentleman Book 1.

About Sweden Reese

SWEDEN REESE writes sexy books for smart readers from her home in Washington, DC. Before becoming a novelist, she was a public relations executive, an experience that inspires the stories she writes. She lives in the US capital with her mad genius/reformed bad boy/foreign born husband and their thinker/dreamer/adventurer/sweet toddler girl. Reese’s debut novels, The Southern Gentleman Books 1 & 2, kick off the Dominant Heroes Collection, a sexy, glam new romantic suspense series.

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