Monday, March 21, 2016

Heller Brother Hockey Series by Kelly Jamieson

Mini-Review and Character Study Playlist

When I saw the Heller Brother Hockey Series books were on sale for only $.99 I quickly 1-clicked and began reading. I had heard about the books on a Smart Bitches Trashy Books podcast awhile back but never pursued purchasing the books. I'm so glad I took the time to read this boxed set and I can't recommend these quick and funny reads enough. If you like sports romances and prefer your romances on the super spicy side, these books are full of catnip. My favorite book of the set was Breakaway since I'm a sucker for the fling trope, but I also thoroughly enjoyed Faceoff.

The playlist for the Heller Brothers Hockey series includes one song for each of the HEAs. Each song on the playlist was chosen for it's lyrics but I also paid attention to musical style and genre. For Jase and Remi I chose "Accidentally In Love" by Counting Crows. For Tag and Kyla we have "It Was Always You" by Maroon 5. For Logan and Nicole there is "Sort Of" by Ingrid Michaelson. Finally, for Matt and I added in "Overload" by Life of Dillon.

I rate this book:
What did you think of the Heller Brother Hockey series?
Are there any songs that remind you of the boys and their HEAs?

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