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Author Guest Post: Getting Dirty with the CEO (Suits Undone #3) by Mia Sosa

Getting Dirty with the CEO by Mia Sosa
Release: October 4th, 2016
Romance Subgenre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Suits Undone #3

Sometimes you have to get a little dirty to get what you want . . .

Publicist Mimi Pennington is at the top of her game. She’s savvy, hard-working, and eager to move up the corporate ladder. So when her boss tells her that in order to make partner she has to land a prestigious account, Mimi meets the challenge head on. Never mind that the prospective client is Daniel Vargas, the polished and pompous player who rejected her months ago.

Mimi hasn’t given Daniel the time of day since their one fateful encounter, and while business has brought them back together, pleasure is what he has in mind. She says she’s not interested in giving him a second chance, but Daniel is prepared to call her bluff. All he needs is one week. One week to test her rules and prove that he’s exactly the kind of man she needs . . .

“This debut romance sparkles.” -- Library Journal (starred review) on Unbuttoning the CEO

“A fun, contemporary romance that reminds us that any attempt to predict or manage love is destined only to enhance its chaos.” -- The Washington Post on One Night with the CEO

Author Guest Post
I'm excited to have author Mia Sosa on the blog today to discuss her new book, Getting Dirty with the CEO. Thanks for sharing, Mia!

Woo Me, Baby!
By Mia Sosa

How perfect is this? A site about that special place where music and romance fiction meet? Yes, please!

For many of us, music is an essential part of our romantic repertoire, so when book characters play or listen to music, more often than not we can totally relate. I certainly can. You see, I met my husband when we both auditioned for a college a cappella singing group, and we’ve been together ever since. Let’s say it together now: Awww. (If you’re puking, I’m glad this isn’t a truly interactive experience.)

Anyway, with clipboard in hand, my future husband pretended to be a member of the group and managed to get my name and college year before I realized he was auditioning too! Spoiler alert: His recollection of our first meeting differs from mine. Over the years, he’s introduced me to many jazz greats and exposed me to the lesser-known songs of very popular artists. And yes, it’s true: He wooed me with music.

So it should be no surprise that in my latest release, Getting Dirty with the CEO, music plays a supporting role in the hero and heroine’s journey to their HEA. In order to secure a promotion, my heroine, Mimi Pennington, is forced to work with Daniel Vargas, an arrogant but oh-so-tempting man who rejected her months ago. So what will she do? Make him suffer, of course! But over the course of the story, she’ll also learn that Daniel’s not exactly who she thought he was. Sounds fun, right? (Please say yes. Please say yes.)

Now, let’s talk about the music. I’ll say this at the outset: The list is eclectic, and it’s only a small sample of the tunes my characters would listen to.

Okay, the opening scene is set at a wedding reception in Puerto Rico, which means one thing: Marc Antony WILL be played. This is non-negotiable, and a vow Puerto Rican parents make on behalf of their children even before their born. Which song? Most likely Vivir Mi Vida (translation: Live My Life).

In the next scene, Mimi’s shenanigans strike again and Daniel finds himself in a place he does not want to be. I won’t spoil it, but I will tell you that male strippers feature prominently. You’re welcome. For that scene, I couldn’t get Ginuwine’s Pony out of my mind. If you’re not familiar with the song, rent Magic Mike XXL this weekend. Actually, even if you’re familiar with the song, rent Magic Mike XXL this weekend anyway. Ahem.

Later in the book, Mimi tells Daniel her favorite song—Gravity by Sara Bareilles—and for reasons you’ll have to wait to read about, the song doesn’t work for Daniel’s purposes. So Mimi chooses another: Kiss by Prince. The way Daniel uses it to woo Mimi is swoonworthy. Trust me. (Note: Songs composed by Prince are on virtual copyright lockdown, so I couldn’t add it to the playlist, though I suspect anyone reading this knows the song well.)

And what about Daniel’s favorite song? It’s Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. I used to think someone who liked this song had to be in their 40s or 50s, but not so; it’s one of the most popular classic rock songs of all time. And it’s complex—just like Daniel.

Finally, Mimi and Daniel’s happy-ever-after song is Jessie J’s Who You Are. Why? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out. :)

So that’s my curated playlist for Getting Dirty with the CEO. I hope you enjoy it!

About Mia Sosa

Mia Sosa is an award-winning writer and 2015 Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® Finalist. She writes contemporary romances that are funny, flirty, and a little dirty. Ahem.

Although she once dreamed of being a professional singer, the pesky need to generate steady income led Mia to take the law school admissions test instead. She practiced First Amendment and media law in the nation’s capital for ten years before returning to her creative roots. Now she spends most of her days writing love stories about smart women and the complicated men who love them. Okay, let's be real here: she wears PJs all day and watches more reality television than a network television censor—all in the name of research, of course.

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