Friday, October 28, 2016

Wreck (The Crash Series #3) by Stacey Brandon & Karen Bell

Wreck by Stacey Brandon and Karen Bell
Release: October 15th, 2016
Romance Subgenre: Contemporary Romance
Series: The Crash Series #3

Kyle can have almost any woman he wants… except the one he wants most. If he falls for his boss’s daughter, it could be the biggest mistake of his life. He’s made more than his fair share. It would ruin his relationship with the man he considers almost a father, and besides, she deserves someone better than him anyway.

Kinleigh knows the minute she sees the bartender in her dad’s bar that they are meant to be together. She’s heard all about his good business head, how trustworthy he is, and how much potential he has… but learning he is also the hottest man she’s ever laid eyes on had cinched the deal. She might look sweet and innocent, but looks can be deceiving. She’ll do whatever it takes to show him they belong together.

Can they learn that trusting each other is the only way to find happiness?

Or will they let prejudices destroy their lives?

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Crash (The Crash Series #1) / Fall (The Crash Series #2) / Wreck (The Crash Series #3)

Author Guest Post
I'm excited to have authors Stacey Brandon & Karen Bell on the blog today to discuss their new book, Wreck. Thanks for sharing, Stacey and Karen!

It was suggested to us that a good topic for our guest post would be “the challenges of the last novel” since Wreck is the final book in our “Crash” series. Until this suggestion, I think we were living in denial about what this really meant.

In the beginning we talked a lot about how exciting it would be to complete the stories we had in our heads for these characters. We knew we wanted to share our obsession with this crazy group of friends and the normal (and sometimes not so normal) ways they found love. We were also convinced that writing the last book would bring a sense of relief and accomplishment.

It did. Absolutely. We might have even jumped up and down and executed a few complicated dance moves, although very poorly. Typing the last word isn’t really the end in the book world though. It was time to do our own first edits, send it to beta readers, make more edits, send it to our awesome editor, make more edits, design cover art and online teasers, and figure out our promotional plan. And now, with the book truly complete and out in the world, we have a moment to sit down and realize that for fiercely independent Charli, good-hearted Logan, bold outspoken Liv, unwaveringly loyal Zac, bad boy with a heart of gold Kyle, and our sweet but determined Kinleigh… their stories are told and we won’t be hanging out with them anymore. We won’t be spending time in The Crash bar listening to Liv turn everything into an innuendo, or Charli’s temper getting the best of her, or Kyle trying so hard to convince everyone he’s immune to the charms of the good girl. What the hell will we do with ourselves now??

Of course we have ideas for new books and even new series. We get excited when we talk about the possibilities and new directions we can go. But we will be forever thankful for the experiences gained in writing the Crash books and forever love our Crash gang.

Hmmmmm…. We might have to find a way, at some future point in time, to take a glimpse back into their world at least once more….

About Stacey Brandon & Karen Bell

Once upon a time, these two hookers became best friends…

Stacey Brandon and Karen Bell both live in the same small Texas town on the Gulf Coast, are happily married and the proud Moms of awesome kids. Stacey owns and runs a photography studio and Karen designs and sews her own children’s clothing line. They met over fifteen years ago when they decided to turn one large professional space into a single home for both businesses.

Well, that’s all the boring facts expected to be included in an “about the author” page, right? The reality is so much more fun. Stacey and Karen and their families spend holidays together, travel together… and generally turn every situation into something crazy and chaotic. They are both fluent in English, Sarcasm and Profanity and have decided the irrefutable proof of their best friend status is how often people assume they are “together” when in public. The poor husbands are good sports about it… and might even encourage this misconception at times for sheer entertainment value.

When Karen battled cancer… and kicked its ass… in 2014, they learned to value every day and quit worrying about what others think. Do what you love! Karen is happy to take advantage of the situation though. She loves to remind everyone she “had the CANCER, dammit!” and now she can always and forever claim the last brownie ;)

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