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Sapphire Falls: Going Haywire (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Rachelle Ayala

Sapphire Falls: Going Haywire by Rachelle Ayala

Release: October 23rd, 2016
Romance Subgenre: Contemporary Romance
Kindle Worlds Novella

Giving up sugar right before Halloween. Brilliant.

Going on vacation with an ex. Not so bright.

Honey and her ex-husband, Max, travel to Sapphire Falls to give their two young children the perfect Halloween treat. Max wants Honey back, and he’s counting on the magic of Sapphire Falls to seduce her into a second chance.

Honey is leery of Max and his tricks, but when he woos her with a Halloween romance complete with bonfires, hayrides, parties, and paintball, Honey warms to the idea of a new beginning.

Unfortunately, there's something off about Max that Honey can't put her finger on. When their vacation goes haywire, Honey must decide whether the treat of true love is worth all the terrible tricks life can play.

Full of twists and turns, Going Haywire is a sexy and romantic romp by Rachelle Ayala, writing in Erin Nicholas’ Sapphire Falls Kindle World.

Theme Song
Going on a vacation with your ex...yeah, not a great idea. Especially when you’ve just given up sugar, you have two small children and you are secretly still in love with the man you used to be married to.

Let’s just give mad props to Rachelle Ayala for writing this book. It’s got some super tough themes all mixed in with a small-town setting and a holiday. Sure, it’s only Halloween but in Sapphire Falls it’s not ONLY Halloween. It’s entire celebration with zombies and haunted houses and paintball and a petting zoo and monster food trucks. Seriously, is anything really an ONLY in Sapphire Falls?

I thought long and hard about the perfect soundtrack for Max and Honey’s story and I kept coming back to one song. “Come Back Song” by Darius Rucker not only has a meandering, comfortable vibe like the book but it is also done by an artist I can imagine Honey turning up the radio dial for.

If you have time to check out the Sapphire Falls novellas I would highly recommend it. I’ve read a few of them and I’m sure I won’t stop one-clicking them anytime soon!

“Come Back Song" by Darius Rucker

'Cause I didn't know I needed you so
And letting you go was wrong
And baby I know you got your radio on
So this is my my bad, come back song

What did you think of Going Haywire?
Are there any songs that remind you of Max, Honey and their HEA?

About Rachelle Ayala

Rachelle Ayala is a bestselling Asian American author of dramatic romantic suspense and humorous, sexy contemporary romances. Her heroines are feisty and her heroes hot. She writes emotionally challenging stories but believes in the power of love and hope.

Rachelle is the founder of an online writing group, Romance in a Month, an active member of the California Writer’s Club, Fremont Chapter, and a volunteer for the World Literary Cafe. She is a very happy woman and lives in California with her husband. She has won awards in multicultural and historical romance.

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